Welcome to PowerFULL Women Community

Helping ambitious women thrive.

What is PowerFULL Women?

We are a supportive community of ambitious women focused on our unique set of personal growth and career development needs so we can:

  • Achieve maximum success both in business and in life
  • Step into our FULL power
  • Make a positive impact  in our companies, our communities, and the world
  • Be the change we want to see by becoming positive role models for current and future generations of women and girls

Our awesome tribe is made up of kickass executive leaders, soon-to-be-college grads, and pretty much anyone in between. 

What's the problem?

Ambitious women aren't set up to fully thrive in today's society. Once we reach a certain level of success in our educational or career endeavors, we can feel:

  • Unsupported in the workplace and/or at home
  • Pressured to shrink ourselves down or play small due to cultural expectations
  • Left to navigate work and life challenges mostly on our own
  • Difficulty meeting other like-minded women who share similar dreams and ambitions
  • Not fully understood by those closest to us, including: family, friends and co-workers
  • Frustrated when others attempt to devalue us, both personally and professionally
  • Conflicted by deeply embedded social norms that lead us to fall prey to disempowering, self-sacrificing traps
  • Isolated in a world that seems to want women pitted against each other...to see each other as competition

PowerFULL Women is the solution!

We provide a uniquely-tailored approach to fostering a successful life and career that you won't find anywhere else.

We are a safe space where you can bring your challengesshare your wins AND be celebrated for them, learn and grow together, make strong connections with other like-minded women, build self-confidence and self-worth, and embrace being the boss babe that YOU were meant to be in this world.

Here's the deal:  We. Are. More. PowerFULL. Together.

What you'll get when you join us:

  •  MENTORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES:  find a mentor or become a mentor
  •  LIVE EVENTS  including the PowerFULL Women Roundtable Talks where highly successful women are brought together in an informal, roundtable format so you can learn from their individual stories of challenges and successes in the workplace.
  •  NETWORKING:   meet women who are looking to network and make new friends, just like you! Use our networking tools and best-practices to meet new friends, join groups, schedule and attend virtual or local meet ups and more.
  •  EXCLUSIVE COURSES & WORKSHOPS  to help you on the path to being a powerFULL Woman, including: mastering boundaries, self-love & self-care practices, letting go of people-pleasing behaviors, and the like. 
  •  LIVE SESSIONS  with Jenna Banks, Founder of PowerFULL Women
  •  JOBS & INTERNSHIPS  from companies seeking to fill roles from our unique tribe of powerFULL Women.
  •  MONTHLY BOOK CLUB each month we choose a new personal growth and development book to read and discuss along with live Q&A sessions from the authors themselves.
  •  MEMBER BRAGS because it's important for our careers (and evolution as women) to normalize sharing our achievements with others and cheering our sisters on for their wins.
  •  MEMBER SPOTLIGHT each week we choose a new member to spotlight.
  •  AND SO MUCH MORE:  We are an ever-evolving community with the common goals of living into our full potential and making a postive impact in the world.

Plus you'll get 1 full week to try us out, absolutely free! 

Cancel anytime.

The cost to make this investment in yourself is just $7.99/month or $79.00 to subscribe for a year.

We run on the Mighty Networks platform. The best way to describe the platform experience is like a mash up of LinkedIn, MeetUp, Facebook Groups, Zoom, Masterclass and a party at a friend's house where the host introduces you to awesome new friends that you share a lot in common with.

Meet Jenna (Founder & Host)

Jenna Banks is a social impact entrepreneur, author of the award-winning book "I Love Me More" and the Love Notes To Myself series, a public speaker and host of The Jenna Banks Show whose work has been featured in media outlets that include: Forbes, popsugar, ABC, NBC and CEOWORLD Magazine.

Having survived a unimaginable trauma in her childhood and young adulthood, she was able to thrive in the business world, despite the odds of starting off her career as a 22 year old, divorced, broke single mom without a support system.

In 2012, she took the risk to quit the comfortable six-figure corporate job she'd been in for years, and started a home-based marketing products business with a laptop and a $400 investment. She simultaneously ramped up a profitable real estate venture. In 2019, she sold Brand Spirit, her marketing products business, for $500,000.00. 

Since selling her company, she is now 100% focused on what she feels is her ultimate calling and purpose: to help women and girls overcome the unconscious conditioning and programming that keeps them away from owning their worth, loving themselves MORE, and stepping into their full power.

Using her "Power Container" framework, she's helping women reframe their relationship with themselves and power so that they can be powerFULL!

Check out Jenna's 4 minute speaker reel to see what The Power Container framework is all about.


I would love to get to know you and have you become part of our incredible tribe of women!